Asset Management software


GeoAccess utilises Pole Star Infrastructure Asset Management software in all our operations.

Pole Star is a GIS asset management solution enabling us to;

  • Plan, programme and schedule work
  • Undertake desk studies and pre-site surveys
  • Send and receive live data between site and office
  • Capture data in the field which is geo-tagged and site specific
  • Generate reports from the field and the office
  • Undertake detailed analysis of data captured
  • Share data with clients
  • Plug data into client’s asset management systems


These key elements of Pole Star are constructed around a Centralised Information System so that all information is conveniently in one location and easily accessible. A Geographical Information System is plugged in to view assets and live processes. The whole process is based on live and real time data ensuring everyone is empowered with the latest information.

Pole Star systems currently provide key solutions to Network Rail, Highways for England, the renewable energy sector, ADIPS (theme park inspections) and oil gas and utility companies.

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