Structural Services

Structural Inspections

Our team of skilled Structural examiners can undertake visual and detailed inspections on a variety of masonry, concrete, metallic and timber structures throughout the United Kingdom.

We can also undertake Non-destructive Testing (NDT) where required.

Structural examinations with have carried out include;


  • Visual & Detailed Inspections on Network Rail Tenanted Arches
  • Visual & Detailed Inspections on Network Rail Minor Structures
  • Detailed Inspections on Network Rail Tunnels and Tunnel Shafts
  • Detailed Inspections on Atrium Structural Metal work
  • NDT of Steel reinforced Masonry Façades
  • Visual and NDT of Steel Reinforced Concrete Buildings

Confined Space

GeoAccess can undertake and advise clients on all aspects of confined space work. A confined space can be any space of an enclosed nature (doesn’t have to be entirely enclosed) where there is a risk of death or serious injury from hazardous substances or dangerous conditions (e.g. lack of oxygen, toxic gasses). Some confined spaces are fairly easy to identify, e.g. enclosures with limited openings:


  • storage tanks
  • silos
  • reaction vessels
  • enclosed drains
  • sewers
Others may be less obvious, but can be equally dangerous, for example:


  • open-topped chambers
  • empty swimming pools
  • vats
  • combustion chambers in furnaces etc;
  • ductwork
  • unventilated or poorly ventilated rooms.
It is not possible to provide a comprehensive list of confined spaces. Some places may become confined spaces due to the task being carried out, therefore it is important that a detailed risk assessment is conducted at the beginning and during every job.


Using our underwater drones and acoustic sensing GeoAccess can undertake detailed scour assessments, underwater structural inspections and bottom profiling of inshore and nearshore assets.

Our drones can be deployed to undertake a standalone survey or used in conjunction with traditional dive teams to improve safety and reduce risk.