Asset Management Specialists

Our Services

Our fully qualified team can carry out any aspect of working at height quickly and efficiently providing cost benefits and minimal disruption to our clients.

Our commercial drone services include aerial inspections of buildings, infrastructure and earthworks, mapping (2D ortho-mosaics and plant-health), 3D modelling, photography and videography.

Our submersible drone services include underwater photography, video, surveys and inspections in a broad range of freshwater and saltwater environments.

GeoAccess has delivered over 5000 Rope Access Earthwork Inspections of soil embankments and cuttings, rock slopes and tunnel portals on Network Rail Managed Infrastructure (NRMI) across the country.

Our team of skilled Structural inspectors can undertake visual and detailed inspections on a variety of masonry, concrete, metallic and timber structures throughout the United Kingdom.

GeoAccess Team

Our team comprises multi-skilled civil and geotechnical engineers, geologists, structural and earthworks examiners, which form our rope teams and are also Civil Aviation Authority approved drone pilots.


Accreditations & Affiliations